Sustainable Business and Corporate Social Responsibility

The Triglav Group has a holistic approach to corporate social responsibility as its fundamental value and the tenet of sustainable development.

Key sustainable development aspects and indicators were identified and professionally re-examined in 2014, as elaborated under Reporting parameters.

Major sustainable development aspects of the Triglav Group:[1]

Economic impact

Economic performance

Market presence

Indirect economic impacts

Procurement practices



Waste and water management


Checking environmental performance of suppliers

Social aspect

Traineeships and dignified work

Human rights


Product responsibility


Safety and health at work

Education and training

Diversity and equal opportunities

Equal pay for female and male employees

Checking labour standard compliance of suppliers

Employment complaint procedures



Checking human rights record of suppliers

Human rights complaint procedures

Local communities

Anti-corruption behaviour

Protection against unfair competition


Product and service labelling

Product and service portfolio

User privacy


Key guidelines and objectives of the 2014 Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy
Key guidelines and objectives of the 2015 Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy

[1] GRI G4-19

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