Risk management

  • Risk management is a key component of corporate governance, which is why the Triglav Group continues to develop and expand its risk management system. This is reflected in the structure of the system as such.
  • The Group continued with the adaptation of the risk management system to the requirements under the Solvency II Directive.
  • Investment policies of all insurance companies within the Triglav Group have been updated.
  • The number of investigated cases of suspected fraud has increased.

The risk management system is adapted to developments in business operations and the external environment through continuous upgrades. It is conceived so as to provide a competitive edge and generate added value, since the Group's core business revolves around the assumption of the risks of its business partners in exchange for an insurance premium and others risks arising in the investment process. In addition to insurance risk and financial risk, the Group identifies and manages a number of other risk types, such as operational and strategic risk. The Group also closely monitors return rates to ensure optimum added value generation for all stakeholders.

Risk management is further discussed in Section under Financial Statements.

Main characteristics and key goals of the risk management system

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