Financial result of The Triglav Group

  • In the challenging environment, the Triglav Group generated a net profit of EUR 85.7 million or 23% more compared to 2013, and achieved a 13.4% return on equity.
  • Combined ratio in non-life insurance, which shows profitability of operations, was favourable at 96.3%.
  • A high return on financial investments was primarily a result of higher profit from sales in trading with debt securities and shares of Slovene issuers.

Despite unfavourable business environment and extraordinary mass loss events, the Triglav Group ended 2014 with a profit. Profit before tax amounted to EUR 100.4 million or 20% more than in 2013. The Group’s net profit grew by 23% to EUR 85.7 million. Compared to 2013, net return on equity increased by 1.4 percentage points to 13.4%.

In non-life insurance, the combined ratio (which shows profitability of operations) remained favourable at 96.3% (vs. 91.0% in 2013). Any value of this ratio below 100 means that the non-life insurance portfolio as the core business (excluding return on investments) is earning a profit.

Premium income, claims incurred and operating expenses
Income and expenses from financial assets
Change in other insurance technical provisions and other income and expenses
Income statement for 2014 – according to IFRS
Financial result ratios

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